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The Drumming Community

Please read the guidelines before posting.

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Drums, drumming, drummers, music, instruments, etc.
---- WELCOME ----

This drumming community is for any discussion related to drums, percussion, music, etc.

This community is moderated, so please read the guidelines below before you post. If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions regarding the community, email me at the address listed on this page.

---- GUIDELINES ----

1 - Post length and images/videos: Please lj-cut long posts AND posts with images/videos. This decreases load-time of our friends list, and makes them more readable.

2 - Quizzes: If you are posting a quiz that has already been posted in the community, please don't make a new post. Instead put your quiz in a comment to the original quiz post.

3 - Language/Offense: Hostility, offensive content, and excessive cursing are not allowed. Bashing of any kind (member, drummer, band, music genre, etc.) is also not allowed. This is a place for positive discussion.

4 - Community promotion is not allowed unless the community is drum related and does not conflict with this community (ie. a community about tribal drumming is ok, but a general drumming community or a community about your mother is not ok.)

5 - Band/Show promotion is not allowed UNLESS: 1. you are the drummer of the band and say so in the post, or 2. the band has a good drummer and mention that in your post.

6 - Introductory posts must have some drum/drumming/drummer content to them. At least bring up some discussion of interest, or describe your drum set. Please no "hello, I'm new to the community" posts, as we have too many members for that.

7 - Pointless posts will be deleted.

8 - Annoying: Posts that are annoying for any reason, including content and formatting, will be deleted.

PLEASE NOTE: This community is moderated. All posts will be reviewed before they are made available for all members to see.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that your post abides by the rules of the community. If your post is rejected you will lose it and have to compose it again from scratch. It is your responsibility to make sure the post is acceptable.

Please do not take offense to your post being rejected by the moderators. This community has guidelines and is moderated to make sure that it contains relevent, on-topic posts that its members actually want to read.

Thank you!

---- Staff ----

yurmother - Creator/Owner/Moderator

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