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New Music from FORCE MAJOR
Force Major, an alternative rock trio from Rockville, MD just released some new songs!


official website: http://www.forcemajormusic.com
official myspace: http://www.myspace.com/forcemajor

Cool video about the band featuring their song "Stories"

Help please, some feed back would be great, thanks

I was wondering if I could get some feed back on something here. As I mentioned in an earlier post I've only been taking drum lessons now going into my 3rd month. The music store where I take lessons is going out of business due to our dying economy. Anyway, the drum kit I play on at LESSONS is being sold for $100.00   it consists of : snare drum, toms, floor tom and bass drum. The Cymbal, hi hat and bench NOT included. The set is about 4 yrs old, black in color and is made by Pearl. I asked the place if they would put my name on the set until at least this coming Monday until I can fully think this over.

I talked to my instructor about it (he only works there, and can't make deals) and he said that he thinks this old second hand set will be good for what I need, as I'm still learning. Mind you the all the drums need to be tuned, and most likely  the drum heads will need to be replaced. For the most part this drum kit has been played mainly with the silencer/mute covers over top of each drum.

Currently I don't have a drum kit. I do have a practice pad and have a Yamaha digital percussion 4 pad set ( but now I'm finding if I hit the percussion pads to hard the sounds keep changing). It's been ok for practicing but I'm loving playing drums so much that I want a real kit now. Money is a bit tight here as my spouse is out of work. However we've been looking at some other second had sets and they've all be total garbage so far.

I did also notice  the music where I take lessons have a brand new set of drums for $300.00 which includes the bench/seat, cymbal, hi hat, snare drum, toms, floor tom, bass drum and a set of drum sticks.

On the way home from my lesson today I did stop in at other music stores in the area and check out what drums kits new and used that they had in stock. Mostly all the music stores are out of second hand kits, and any new ones are in the $700.00 price range. There is no way I can afford that.

Also I checked all the local hock/pawn shops and anything they had was total garbage starting at $300.00 and up. And all those sets needed new foot pedals, heads. Or you only get the snare, floor tom and bass drum.

Should I go with this set I've been playing on at lessons for the past 3 months and add a hi-hat, crash cymbal and bench?? Or break my bank so to speak and just buy the $300.00 kit (from the music store where I take lessons at) that includes everything. I will need to buy silencer pads and no idea how much those cost yet.

Anyway, that's where I'm at at the moment. Any feed back positive or negative is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

(no subject)
I'm starting college this fall and there's no way I can bring my accoustic drums. I want to buy an electronic kit so I can play music at my boyfriend's apartment. I don't want to pay more than $500. I know they get way more expensive than that but I'm just looking for a good entry level kit. Any auggestions?

Song suggestions anyone to help improve speed

I started taking drum lessons 8 weeks ago. Am looking for ideas on how to improve my speed. I do try to practice every day on my drum practice pad. Also I have arthritis in both hands but seem to manage quite well. I've been working on accuracy and quality, but feel I need to start improving my speed. I know you'll say just keep practicing...a lot. Any suggestions for songs I could try playing along to that aren't super fast?

Thanks in advance

compact hi hats
I'm tired of my cheap CB hi hat always falling apart when I'm breaking it down after shows. I'm leaving for tour soon and I need a compact, reliable hi hat stand that will pack away easily and set up quickly. I need something low profile. What do you all recommend for a reliable and compact hi hat stand for under $150US?

Ever heard of Stagg drums?
Have any of you ever heard anything (positive, negative, neutral) about Stagg drum kits? I ask because I am looking to purchase a kit and would prefer to buy from the independent store in my neighbourhood, but they only sell Stagg kits. The only thing I know is that Stagg isn't sold in North America much, it's a European brand that's primarily sold in Europe. I haven't been able to track down much about quality and whatnot, so this is where I'm hoping you can help me out! Anything you can tell me will be very helpful. Thanks!

Mastodon Appreciation.
So, probably my favorite drummer in modern music is Brann Dailor of Mastodon. The dudes a beast, and his style is amazing to listen to. The reason I am bringing this up is because I just heard 7 tracks off the new album from the Myspace Listening Party (super gay title.) I loved their first two albums, but I thought Blood Mountain was a huge downturn for the band. Well, the new album definitely doesn't disappoint. Check it out at http://www.myspace.com/mastodon!

new cymbals/new heads
I upgraded from Sabian B8's to Zildjian brilliant A customs. 13" hats, 16" thin crash, 20" ride. I also got some Aquarian heads and an EMAD kickdrum head. I never knew how full and loud my little Catalina club was capable of sounding! I mean WOW. These Aquarians are AMAZING, and this EMAD is just sick on my little kick!

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Need some help, I'm stuck :(
Hello, I'm playing drums for like 1.3 years by now, and now I experienced a huge problem - I find my drumming too simple. I can hold like 170-180 bpm doublebass feetwork, regular beats, etc. but my drumfills are SOOO simple that even my granny could play it. The problem is I dont know how to improve them. When I listen to my favourite bands, I find their drumfills very difficult to me. So can anyone help to build my way up?

Need some drumming guidance
Hello All,

I am 27 and have been drumming since I was about 15 years old. Drumming has been a passion of mine ever since the first time I held a pair of sticks. However, over the last few months, playing the drums has not been very enjoyable for me overall. Some days, it feels great when I practice, but other days I play to go through the motions but it's not like how it was before.

I don't want to stop playing entirely and get rusty, but forcing myself to play does not seem like a good idea either. Have any of you ever hit a wall with drumming? How did you overcome the feeling or inspire yourself to keep going? I was thinking of not playing on a full set for the time being and just focusing on playing rudiments on a practice pad, maybe that will help me get out of this drumming rut.

Any other ideas or suggestions you have would be great. Thanks!


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