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E-drum kit?
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eideteker wrote in drumming
I'm looking at electronic drum kits on eBay. I haven't drummed seriously in well over a decade, and I'm thinking this is a good way to get back into it. I've never owned an electronic drum kit, though. Does anyone have any suggestions of things/brands to look for or avoid? I'm thinking I need a snare, 2+ toms, hi-hat, ride & crash. Plus a bass and hi-hat pedal. Has anyone else done this who could suggest a reasonable price point for someone who's basically a beginner?

Thanks for whatever suggestions you have.

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My partner and I own a condo, so I am forced to play a digital kit.

That being said; I'm pretty happy with my Roland TD-7 kit. (There are newer Roland kits, both more expensive and less expensive.)

There are limitations, but it beats the hell out of not being able to play at all. I highly recommend the rubber tips Roland puts out for sticks. They help the sticks be more responsive.

You will not get the same bounce as you would from an acoustic kit, (unless you buy a high-end digital kit,) and if I played in performance I would have an acoustic kit for live play and the digital kit for practice.

I have a DD502. They are pretty much all made in the same factory in china, and then different companies put their logo on. Session pro, legacy, alesis... to name but a few. It came with a snare, bass drum, 3 toms, hi hat, hi hat pedal, 2 cymbals... the drum "brain" thing, a kick pedal and set of sticks (I don't use the pedal or sticks that it came with, but that's personal preference.) It doesn't come with a stool, headphones, or an amp, but I already had those.

It's the one of cheapest electric kits I could find. I paid £180 ($250?) for a 2nd hand, "boxed as new" kit. They are about £250-£300 ($500?) new I think, though different ebay sellers do different deals.

As for what it's like to play... it's ok for practice. As someone said above, it's better than not being able to play at all! I still prefer my acoustic kit though, so I treat myself to a having a practice with that in a rehearsal room one a month or so. I wouldn't recommend the electric kit for live stuff though.

It has midi compatibility so it's cool for messing with home recording, if you're into that. It also has a line in so you can hook your Mp3 player upto the drum kit, and play along with your headphones in, which I thought was pretty cool for such a cheap kit. I've had mine for 9 months now and it's taken a pounding, but it's held up well, no complaints on that front.

As a side note, I have played on mid range yamaha and roland kits, at around the £600 ($1000?) price tag. These were a DREAM to play, lots of "bounce" from the pads which were mesh rather than rubber, the pads allowed for rim shots, and the cymbals were way better. I guess you get what you pay for though :)

PS - I have never played an "Ion" kit, which are even cheaper than the kit I have, but practically everyone who I have ever spoken to about e-kits has warned me off them!

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