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Beginner electronic set?
emu1863 wrote in drumming
Hi, I'm planning to start drum lessons this fall, and am looking into getting an electronic drum set. Are there any electronic sets that you would recommend for a complete beginner? Also, are there any sites you'd recommend that include ratings of different electronic sets?

(I looked at an earlier post about someone seeking a set for under $500, but I realize that getting a new set could easily cost more than that.)


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generally "under $500" and "new electronic set" do not go together. Unless you don't mind playing on an absolute garbage kit that sounds and feels like you're banging on tupperware

sent before i was finished... try looking on craigslist for something near you if you want a good electronic kit for under $500, but test it first

Yeah, I don't expect to find anything cheap. I have been checking Craig's List, but there has been too much available. I would be ok with investing in a new set.

you really can't get a decent electronic set for cheap, not by a mile. nothing beats acoustic sets, especially for beginners, and you'll get a much better kit for what you pay. for a complete set up for a halfway decent electronic kit, you're probably looking at around 1200-1500, at least.

If I could find something under $900, I think I'd be ok with the investment. Unfortunately, my apartment is above a store and has thin walls with the other neighbors, so noise is a concern, and why I want to go electronic. Do you have any brand recs?

I use a Roland TD kit and I like it.

I second that - Roland TD kits are really good and sound great.

third this. I decided to teach myself drums a year and a few months ago, and got the TD-3. So far i've got no complaints!

Thank you all for the tip!

No problem. Happy drumming!

I agree with many regarding the Roland kit. Check the TD-4S or even the Yamaha DTXPLORER which are both not far from your original budget.

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