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gretsch blackhawk and zildjian zbt 4 rock cymbals
doni_dyke01 wrote in drumming
Drummers, I come for opinions. I've been eying Gretsch's Blackhawk setup, and wondering. How's it sound, and more to the point, is it worth the money? It doesn't come with cymbals, but I'm willing to purchase those on the side. So, what do you know? I also ask the same of the Zildjian ZBT 4 Rock Cymbals. Are they worth the money?

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can tell for shure that there is no big differense in sound or feel of entry level drums, you can choose the brand or color, but the sound stays on the same level, because most of them are made from basswood or poplar (not the best choise for drums) and maybe on the same factory in china :-). Have a good look at the hardware, because it's quite expensive separately. Gretsch is a great drums manufacturer and, if I were You, I'd save some money for Catalina maple or birch series which are far more better.
About the Zildjian ZBT, not bad for the begining, I would recommend Paiste Pst5 or Sabian Xs20 (which sounds way better than other semi-pro cymbals) and in "Medium" or "Thin" variation, it's a lot more easy to crack a thick cheap cymbal, than thin.
Oh, Everything said here was my tiny "IMHO" :-)

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