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Online drum beats maker
Cool site where you can create your own drum beats online freedrums2

selecting equipment
How do you select your equipment when just starting out? Do you start with recommendations or do you go with brands you know? I'm looking to start building a set (I've decided on a Gretsch Catalina, maybe in Birch), but I'm still looking for a good deal of equipment (pedals, heads, cymbals [someone suggested Sabian Xs20 or Paiste Pst5], sticks), but I don't know where to start. Where do you start? Where should I start.

Just Because...

Also, here's two drummers playing in my band Civita. It illustrates how the drummer can totally change the feel of a song because we play it note for note in both cases but the drummers are quite different guys. You can really hear the difference toward the end of the song. I don't think drums get enough credit in influencing music. They're the most important part in a lot of ways.

Drummer one - Luis CandelasCollapse )

Drummer two - Tim Armstrong...Current guyCollapse )

(no subject)
Hey all. I think everyone into prog should check these guys out.


I think it's pretty impressive stuff.

USA drum circle finder
New here, not sure if anyone updates this anymore...


I came across this, it has [decently] regular drum circles listed by state, some are weekly, or monthly, or whatever. Thought it might be good to post here.

And maybe someone can let me know if this community is still active or not...??
Thx :)

Silencey things

Possibly called mutes? Or something.

Can someone tell me about these things? What exactly are they? How much do good ones cost? How "silent" are they really? Do they cover cymbals and bass drum as well?

Say if I was to move to a sort of suburban area where I had very close neighbours, would I be able to play drums at any time of the day? What if I was in an apartment and there were people right on the other side of the wall?

Gosh, how do you city people survive?

I know absolutely nothing coz I live in the country and I can make as much noise as I like

Drum Kit for Sale
Uncle Hale
Hey guys,

For various reasons I'm selling my Roland TD-3 Kit (electronic). It's a basic kit but I've added various things to it.

Here's the link to the eBay page:


If you have any questions, fire away :)

E-drum kit?
This is not my beautiful icon.
I'm looking at electronic drum kits on eBay. I haven't drummed seriously in well over a decade, and I'm thinking this is a good way to get back into it. I've never owned an electronic drum kit, though. Does anyone have any suggestions of things/brands to look for or avoid? I'm thinking I need a snare, 2+ toms, hi-hat, ride & crash. Plus a bass and hi-hat pedal. Has anyone else done this who could suggest a reasonable price point for someone who's basically a beginner?

Thanks for whatever suggestions you have.

Beginner electronic set?
Hi, I'm planning to start drum lessons this fall, and am looking into getting an electronic drum set. Are there any electronic sets that you would recommend for a complete beginner? Also, are there any sites you'd recommend that include ratings of different electronic sets?

(I looked at an earlier post about someone seeking a set for under $500, but I realize that getting a new set could easily cost more than that.)


gretsch blackhawk and zildjian zbt 4 rock cymbals
Drummers, I come for opinions. I've been eying Gretsch's Blackhawk setup, and wondering. How's it sound, and more to the point, is it worth the money? It doesn't come with cymbals, but I'm willing to purchase those on the side. So, what do you know? I also ask the same of the Zildjian ZBT 4 Rock Cymbals. Are they worth the money?


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